Something different for Christmas Day 2018…

During the festive season, our little corner of paradise becomes more sociable and eclectic than ever!

In past years guests came early for Christmas, just so they might get to know others prior to sharing its celebration with them. Throughout the day, accents of Christmas kept everyone happy – and at times amazed, as regular menus were set aside in favour of traditional festive fare. 40 good humored sociable souls joined one another to indulge in a feast par excellence! This truly special day has been described as ‘a jolly but laid back family get-together’ and for 7 years, the lazy paced, day-long event has been enjoyed by everyone in attendance. For some now, it’s a must-do on their calendar!

This year we’re breaking with tradition but, only a wee-bit and, largely for those unable to escape early for Christmas and/or whom prefer local cuisine to feasting on turkey with all the trimmings. This year, guests can arrive/depart when they want to as well as, choose how and at what time to dine or participate – with others or, at a table of their own. Overall it’ll be Christmas as usual but, with less conformity and most likely, with heaps more work for us!

Unlike before some guests might arrive on the day itself. So, joining people together at an exact time may be a challenge – as the kitchen will look afterwards! To ensure we make everyone’s day, when you’ve confirmed your reservation we’ll ask for your estimated arrival time and, special preferences i.e., whether you wish to join together with others or sit separately, and which cuisine you’d prefer.

Good news for everyone! The per-person Christmas Day supplement remains unchanged, as it has been since 2011. US$95 includes anything and everything we serve that day such as a smoked salmon breakfast to your suite, various canapés, cocktails and any snacks plus, your choice of Christmas fare of course. Specific orders of wine, beer and spirits are charged regular year-round tariffs. Good quality international wines are stocked at all times.

Please note; Christmas Day and New Years’ Eve per-person supplements are charged irrespective of arrival time, level of participation or age.

A ‘one-off’ USD95 per-person CHRISTMAS SUPPLEMENT covers 25th December and A ‘one-off’ USD95 per-person NEW YEAR SUPPLEMENT covers 31st December
(Supplements include: ALL meals & snacks miscellaneous hospitality. Wine, Beer, Spirits & all other beverages charged at normal rates….)

No arrivals or departures on 31st December / 1st January.